AFA’s “Hire a Hero” Program

We here at Precision Fence have decided to participate in the AFA’s “Hire a Hero” program. As such we have added a veterans’ page to our website, as well as gone to lengths to create new veterans hiring policies. These policies will be enacted so that we will hire more veterans who will add to the professionalism that is the Precision Fence team.

It has been proven that veterans make some of the best workers. Veterans have a history of producing high-quality work which is something we here at Precision Fence are seeking.

Veterans also work well within the group dynamic. We often times work in teams so that we can get on project done in an efficient manner, so team work means something to us. We also know that veterans are some of the most reliable workers. We here at Precision Fence need people that we can rely on. We invite any veterans to join us, and be a part of a group of professionals once again.