If you are looking to boost your career and work in a professional, exciting, and friendly environment, then come join the Precision Fence team! Our mission is to work as a team to provide our customers with a comprehensive, professional, and positive home improvement experience.

Precision Fence has been one of Fargo–Moorhead–West Fargo area’s premier sources for all fencing needs since 1997, including chain link, cedar, ornamental, PVC, construction fence, and now TREX.

We offer a dynamic and rewarding environment for you to further your career with diverse opportunities. We want experienced, highly motivated individuals to help our company continue to grow and achieve our goals. In addition to our fantastic career opportunities, we offer a competitive compensation plan that includes health benefits, paid vacation, and monthly attendance bonuses.

Only top performers need apply.

AFA’s “Hire a Hero” Program

Read about our participation with the “Hire a Hero” Program.


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Minimum of 1–2 years’ experience installing cedar, PVC, ornamental, and chain link fences
  • Courteous, professional, and have the ability to communicate effectively with homeowners/contractors
  • Hand tools (tool belt, tape measure, hammer, screw drivers, etc.)
  • Good physical condition with the ability to lift 100 lbs. to shoulder height
  • General knowledge of hand tools (hammer, tape measure, level, saw, drill, nail guns, compressors) and manual excavation equipment (shovels, rakes, post hole diggers, digging bar)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Potential employees will have to pass a background check before employment
  • Two forms of valid identification are required
  • All necessary tools and equipment will be provided
  • Minimum of 1–2 years welding experience
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